The Stay Sexy Social
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We would like to thank everyone who came out, everyone who donated, shared a link, purchased merchandise, submitted a bid for the silent auction, entered the raffle and more! We could not have had this event without YOU!

We are still accepting donations so we can reach our $5,000 goal. We are determined to help victims now and in the future.

Stay tuned for news about our total, upcoming events, and new developments in bringing an end to the tremendous backlog of rape kits that exists in our country.

To learn more about End the Backlog and The Joyful Heart Foundation, click below.


Our Mission

To raise funds and awareness for non-profit organizations that support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Our Vision

We believe that victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence need piece of mind, support, and protection. By coming together as community, we can help promote a shift in attitudes toward abuse and create change.


Make a Donation

All donations will go directly to End the Backlog, a program of The Joyful Heart Foundation.



november 11, 2018

we want to thank everyone who helped us make this event a success! We will keep donations open a little while longer so we can hit our goal.

november 2, 2018

due to popular demand, we’ve extended the vip ticket contest! The deadline to enter is now midnight, wednesday, november 7th

october 19, 2018

listen - the bands of the stay sexy social discuss the current climate around sexual abuse on scoped episode #48!

october 5, 2018

WATCH - 20/20 The DNA Detective

September 14, 2018

Read - Memphis - Rape kits solved cases that were open for up to 18 years here

September 4, 2018

Go check out my interview with VoyageATL here!